"Readocracy is on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet." Get credit for what you read online. Prove you are well-informed on any subject.

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The first Social Knowledge platform.

Get 5x more out of your team’s
learning and knowledge. Guaranteed.

Readocracy will help you leverage your team’s knowledge and interests like no other
platform can, internally and externally. With zero extra work, in a way that boosts
everyone’s careers, satisfaction, mental health, and productivity.

First-of-its-kind, privacy-first technology recognized by industry leaders

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Readocracy lets your team effortlessly
verify and catalog their informal learning
anywhere it happens, using their existing
behaviour. Articles, newsletters, journals,
books, podcasts and videos included.

Our proprietary technology has already
verified over 100 million page views. It’s
privacy-first, most recently recognized by
Mozilla’s Fix The Internet OpenLab.

This unlocks first-of-their-kind features
we refer to as Social Knowledge.

You’re missing over 80% of your team’s
learning. It can transform your business.

Internal Flow

5x better
knowledge search

Find out who you can talk to about any
subject. Beyond what you think your
teammates know about.

Significantly increase
learning satisfaction

Using unmatched, non-gimmicky
gamification to make learning rewarding in
multiple ways, for life.

Unlock your team’s
ambient knowledge

The remote version of “osmotic
learning” - what you can usually only
get in a physical office.

DEI: Improve representation,
help people shine

People are more than their degrees, and
certainly more than their appearance.
Help them stand out and be recognized.

Unparalled team
headspace insights

Find out the trends and patterns
behind your team’s passions and

Improve every employee’s
mental health

Help employees understand how their
information diet may be affecting them, and
help them take control.

External Respect

Safely show personality,
attract better talent

Readocracy makes it easy to safely show
your team’s diverse character and extra-
curricular passions.

Knowledge branding =
showcase your expertise

Collectively showcase your team’s
continous learning and notes in
compelling, convincing fashion.

Channel expertise into
industry-leading emails

Safely and selectively channel your team’s
learning and notes into internal or external
industry round-up email digests.

All with the most privacy-forward UX and

Data Policy you’ve probably ever encountered.

For every user:


You can literally see
when Readocracy is
active / tracking


You decide what is
public, otherwise it
defaults to private


You can make your
own exclusion list,
and easily delete


We remind you
what was saved, and
how, every week

This is the future of learning and sharing
for knowledge-driven teams and brands.

Our trials are effortless to deploy, engaging,
and tend to have employees fighting for access.

First-of-its-kind, privacy-first technology recognized by industry leaders

Outcomes to expect

Leverage 500% more learning and internal knowledge

Save up to 20% of your team’s time, by much more efficiently showing you who has expertise in what subjects

Improve retention and satisfaction of top team members

Improve representation and recognition of minority teammates

Improve your organizations reputation for expertise and culture, to
attract more top talent and close more deals

Cover Your L&D
Blind Spot

The majority of continuing
learning happens outside of
prescribed learning modules and
preset resources.Readocracy
allows you to finally include it.

Significantly Better

Internal learning and engagement
tools have notoriously spotty
retention. Readocracy’s highly visual
and social personal utility guarantees
better adoption.

Happier, More Engaged

Readocracy helps you keep your
employees happy, by recognizing
their learning and changing
interests, while helping them boost
their personal brand.

Why we built Readocracy

We believe people should be rewarded
for being well-informed - because it can
fix the internet and save society.

Readocracy: a new way of governing the internet and rethinking influence


The Readocracy Manifesto


There’s a Click Bubble, and it’s about to burst. Ready?


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Help us shape a future where
quality beats quantity.

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