"Readocracy is on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet." Get credit for what you read online. Prove you are well-informed on any subject.

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Guiding Principles

Access is a privilege that is earned, not guaranteed. This applies to us, our clients, and our community. It is defined by a simple question: are you being constructive and well-intentioned?

You should have absolute control over your data. This means: our tracker only tracks what you want it to track, our platform only saves what you want it to save, your profile only shows what you want it to show, and you should be able to delete it all, fully, easily, and whenever you want to.

Diversity of every kind is a strength, and we should do everything in our power to overcome filter bubbles and intellectual sheltering, Facilitating exposure to new and respectfully opposing perspectives is essential.

Our products and platforms should explicitly promote mindful and healthy behaviour wherever possible, including prominent prompts, strongly encouraged limits, and the promotion of offline moments.

Strive for transparency. We should be as open as legally possible with the information and context we provide you about our operations and our business.

Our funding model, both in terms of revenue and investment, should never conflict with the well-being of our team, clients, community, society, or planet. It should always support healthy, sustainable growth, that is impact-oriented and long term.

Success is not a zero sum game. Aim for partnerships and win-win outcomes wherever possible.