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You Control Your Data

With great power comes great responsibility. Our attention tracking technology - both its capabilities, and how we enable you to deploy the data - are unique and powerful. We take our role in responsibly enabling that data, and safeguarding it, extremely seriously (see our Guiding Principles).

A few key details:

- Our platform does not utilize any trackers besides the one you signed up for, and only saves what you want us to save, in the way you want us to save it. Unlike many other platforms, we don’t secretly stalk you across the web or exploit your passive data. This also extends to our use of cookies: we only use first-party cookies, and even then, only when absolutely necessary for the features we provide you.

- You can delete your account and data easily, and whenever you want. We don’t attempt to strong-arm you into keeping a copy of your data on our servers. Since we only leverage whatever you make explicitly public and already promote yourself, we have no interest in your data history. It’s only useful to us in terms of giving you a better experience while you’re part of Readocracy.

- All data transfer to us is encrypted, and stored in state-of-the-art facilities, and is only accessible by our most senior technical employees strictly when it is necessary to resolve technical issues. Even then, user identities and user data are stored separately, so a senior technical employee never sees the name or identity of a user even when viewing the data itself.

- We are GDPR compliant, which should come as no surprise given the structure of our platform.

If you have any questions we didn’t answer here, please feel free to ask us.