"Readocracy is on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet." Get credit for what you read online. Prove you are well-informed on any subject.

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We reward people for consuming your quality content.

Being well-informed should matter. We make sure it does.

Increase your revenue and engagement for free, and be part of restoring integrity to the internet.

First-of-its-kind, privacy-first technology recognized by industry leaders

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Our patent-pending technology has already verified over 100 million page views. It can tell if somebody really paid attention. It’s privacy-first, most recently recognized by Mozilla’s Fix The Internet OpenLab.

How it works

We provide you with a piece of code.
You paste it in your site’s code.
It activates Readocracy on your site. It has zero impact on your load time, and zero data is tracked or saved when not in use.

What you get as a result

A widget that lets people know they can get credit for your content.

We make sure it matches your site’s style. You can choose several variations of the credits message, including the # of credits or the subject they’re being recognized for.

They can sign up to Readocracy to start getting credit. They’re taken through a quick onboard flow with both of our logos on it.

When they’re done, it takes them right back to your site.

It’s the most privacy-first UX and user policy you’ve probably ever come across.
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And now you both start benefitting


Now all the time they spend reading / watching / listening / making thoughtful contributions can be recognized and rewarded, on your site and others.

This isn’t your stereotypical gimmicky gamification. There are real world prizes and exclusive access in play - and it’s entirely oriented around quality instead of quantity.

They get an impressive portfolio page which shows their credibility and commitment to any subject. (They choose what’s public.) It embeds beautifully on Linkedin and elsewhere.

For the full list of benefits, visit our
page for Readers


Now your content is being assigned tangible value and being tied to people’s reputations, both online and in their careers, on subjects they care about.

Using the dashboard we provide you, you can also assign prizes and perks for top readers each month, quarter, or year.

You can automatically hide your comments section and all participation features until somebody has actually read or watched the content first.

No more knee-jerk comments or trolls.

In your dashboard you get a number of insights you can’t find anywhere else, helping you to understand your audience like never before, yet in a way that respects their privacy.

All of the above is free for small publishers and non-profits, and very reasonably priced for all others.

If a reader ends up paying for Readocracy’s premium features, we share some of the revenue with you, too. Win-win-win.

For an extra cost you can also activate:

Custom Badges
In-Site Reading Groups / Discussions
In-site Profiles
In-site Collections
Intellectual Matchmaking

Outcomes you can expect



perceived value


Fewer trolls
and bots

Recognition for being a Readocracy
publisher (fighting the good fight)

Why we’re doing all this

We are obsessed with rethinking the attention economy. We think its current form is destroying society.

Readocracy: a new way of governing the internet and rethinking influence


The Readocracy Manifesto


There’s a Click Bubble, and it’s about to burst. Ready?


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Help us shape a future where quality beats quantity.

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