"Readocracy is on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet." Get credit for what you read online. Prove you are well-informed on any subject.

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We reward people for consuming your quality content.

Increase return visits, significantly increase quality engagement,
and unlock privacy-first insights you can’t find anywhere else.

First-of-its-kind, patent-pending technology recognized by industry
leaders, that’s great for publishers, journalism, and readers alike.

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Our patent-pending technology has already verified over 100 million
page views. It can tell if somebody really paid attention to your
content, triggering rewards and unlocking features. It’s privacy-first,
most recently recognized by Mozilla’s Fix The Internet OpenLab.

Effortless to integrate

We provide you with a piece of code.
You paste it in your site’s code.
It activates Readocracy on your site. It has zero impact on your load time, and zero data is tracked or saved when not in use.

That’s it. Your content starts to earn people
credits, rewards, and valuable privileges.
This unlocks 5 powerful benefits:


Increase in
perceived value

You can get something for your time,
or get nothing. Which do you think
feels more valuable to people?


Increased content

Effortlessly attach incentives to your
content, including showing their
progress (increasing returns).


Increased quality

Automatically filter out those most
likely to leave knee-jerk comments,
while rewarding thoughtful readers.


moderations costs

Readocracy elevates well-informed and
helpful readers. People who haven’t
read the content can’t even participate.


insights: your users
tell you what they
actually care about

Discover who your readers are, what
they care about, not just on your
site, but across the web — in a way
that is user-first and privacy-first.

Whether you’re advertising-driven, or
subscriptions-driven, Readocracy
improves the performance of both.

Why we’re doing all this

We are obsessed with rethinking the
attention economy, for a better future

We’re in the middle of an infobesity epidemic, and this is the biggest reason why


Readocracy: a new way of governing the internet and rethinking influence


The Readocracy Manifesto


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Help us shape a future where quality beats quantity.

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