"Readocracy is on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet." Get credit for what you read online. Prove you are well-informed on any subject.

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We are on a mission to bring integrity
back to the internet, by helping quality
beat quantity.

The internet was supposed to be an incredible force for good. An oracle of knowledge, bringing together the best our world has to offer. Instead, it is increasingly tearing at the fabric of our society, sowing division, inciting violence, fueling depression and addiction, and upending democracies, while it bankrupts quality journalism along the way.

Our belief is that only a systemic, foundational rethinking of the web - one that finds a way to still play off existing habits - can bring about the dramatic shift that is required.

Our approach to this is to rethink the fundamental economics of the web: how value is measured, and how it is collected online, in a way that incentivizes quality creation, quality attention, and quality participation.

We are rethinking the attention economy.

1) Rethinking the value system

Today, the web is still largely driven by superficial measures rooted in basic attention and mindless behaviour: page clicks, ad impressions, and superficial “engagement” actions. The result is an inevitable race to the bottom where everything is optimized for quantity, while quality fits in where it can. This is a system that inherently rewards provocation, hysteria, and short cuts, while stifling thoughtfulness.

Our technology challenges this value system. Through Readefined.com, and now Readocracy, it makes it possible to optimize for, and be tangibly rewarded for, quality attention over quantity attention; for quality participation, over quantity participation. For both content publishers, and audiences. Rewordly.com fits in by helping quality perspectives, and more nuanced arguments, shine through the noise.

2) Rethinking who benefits, and how

Today, the web is also a largely exploitative arrangement: the users themselves benefit from access to information, however their time and attention are endlessly abused. Platforms, publishers, and advertisers, have depended on a singular business model of ad-driven view-and-click attention extraction. With Readocracy, we are trying to help users more tangibly and visibly benefit from their time spent online, while also giving publishers and platforms a new, healthier, less exploitative, win-win way of profiting from the interest of their audiences.

What is listed above is not an easy task. It is an uphill climb, requiring a tremendous amount of education and re-education, and support from those who are only just beginning to see that the current system is clearly starting to collapse.

We have already made great progress, however, and are optimistic for what we can achieve with our ever-growing list of supporters and partners. If you would like to join them, and want to help us with our mission, we would love to hear from you.