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            #FixTheInternet leader

            Read oc ra cy

            Reading x Meritocracy, Democracy

            Make all the

            you consume count

            We’re restoring sanity to the world by making how you inform
            yourself count for something. Troll-free, bot-free, ad-free.


            Request access

            Easily and safely track,
            quantify, catalog, and get credit for

            how you invest your attention

            Patent-pending, prize-winning technology like no other

            Readocracy’s patent-pending attention verification technology can tell if somebody was actually paying attention, and how intensely. Globally leading content analytics PhD researchers have confirmed it is unmatched.

            What makes it even more unique is who the data is for: the end user. Content analytics have traditionally only ever been for media publishers and advertisers. Readocracy puts it in the hands of the viewer for the first time, and with more accuracy and nuance, too.

            The technology has already verified over 100 million page views, and we’re proud of the fact that it’s privacy-first, including being recognized by Mozilla’s Fix The Internet OpenLab.








            You're in good company

            Knowledge makes the world go round.

            Turn yours into something

            Fitbit for your
            information diet 📊

            Privately, understand how you’re
            shaping your mind like never before.

            Including a searchable log of your
            life’s learning, auto-organized. 🔮

            A shareable,

            profile 📚


            Showcase the best of your learning,
            prove your passion. Quantified, verified,
            subscribeable. You choose what’s public.

            Linkedin upgrades, certificates,
            and more 🎓

            Integrations that turn your profile into
            an unfair advantage. Plus credentials
            that can be checked and trusted
            within 60 seconds.

            A community of
            verifiably informed

            Troll-free, bot-free, huckster-free.
            On Readocracy you can’t comment or
            reply unless you’ve done the required

            … all through a platform and business model
            that are obsessively privacy-first


            We never sell your
            data. Learn how we
            make money here


            You can literally see
            when Readocracy is
            active / tracking


            You decide what is
            public, otherwise it
            defaults to private


            You can make your
            own exclusion list,
            and easily delete


            We remind you
            what was saved, and
            how, every week

            READ MORE Our 5 keys to being a truly privacy and user-first platform

            Your time is your most precious asset.
            Make it count with Readocracy.



            His favourite books, and a related rabbit hole of reading and watching.



            Videos, articles, videos


            the business of hip-hop

            Reading and interviews through the businesses of Dr. Dre, Jay-z, and more.



            Videos, articles, books



            See the world through the minds of history’s Nobel Laureates.



            Books, articles



            The information age defines us more than ever. Explore how it’s shaping us.


            Stream & Collection

            Articles, books, video


            A.I. FOUNDATIONS

            Let the world’s leading experts guide you, filtering essentials from the noise.



            Articles, books, papers



            Novelist, essayist, book editor, college professor. American Icon.



            Books, articles, video



            New ways of thinking about value in a changing world.



            Articles, books, pods, +2

            Part of an organization that values learning and mental health?


            Or become a partner in our movement.

            Colleges &

            Helps your students graduate with a headstart, increase employment, and keep top alumni engaged

            Content publishers
            / site owners

            Make your content immediately worth credits, gain free, one-of-a-kind quality engagement tools

            Learn More

            Professional Associations

            Make it effortless to quantify and recognize informal learning, increase engagement

            We are obsessed with rethinking the attention economy, for a better future

            We’re in the middle of an infobesity epidemic, and this is the biggest reason why

            READ NOW

            Readocracy: a new way of governing the internet and rethinking influence

            READ NOW

            The Readocracy Manifesto

            READ NOW

            READ MORE on our blog, The Content Zeitgeist

            Help us shape a future where quality beats quantity.

            We are real people, fanatically committed.

            READ MORE Our story, why we do what we do



            "How do you make money? Are you just another data-exploiting, privacy-infringing business?" "What are the credits for? / Why credits? / What is a credit?" "How secure is my data on Readocracy / why should I trust you with my data?" "How can you tell if somebody actually read something? How does it work?" "How do you decide how many credits an article is worth?" "What if you're looking at questionable content?" "Is attention knowledge? What about application?" "Does the product distinguish between quality of articles / journalism?
            Or does being well-read in anti-vaxxer sites produce as much credit as being well-read on scientific journals?"
            "What if I'm naturally a fast reader?" "This isn't tracking all my browsing activity is it?" Lots more FAQ right this way

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            • Highly defensible, original business model

            • Large, under-served, extremely valuable market, with a rich set of roadmap revenue streams (all lucrative, while user-respecting)

            • A team and tech you can count on

            • Maniacally committed, values-driven, yet pragmatic founders

            • Our team brings over 25 years building social content platforms, supporting over 500K users, and winning recognition from Deloitte, IBM, Facebook. The Globe & Mail, and more.

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            Group 24 Readocracy

            About Us

            Readocracy is brought to you by Rewordly Inc., the team behind Readefined.com and Rewordly.com, the other two platforms in our prize-winning, mission-driven suite. We are based in Toronto and Bucharest, with an increasing presence in NYC. We are a quirky bunch - our team includes a vintage keyboard collector, table top gaming connoisseur, fashion photographer, and even a guerilla “serendipity artist”, amongst other things. By day, we are coders, designers, researchers, and strategists. Above all, we are deeply passionate, open-minded, values-driven people.

            We are founded by two brothers, Mario and Matei Vasilescu. Matei taught himself to code at age 15, and had built a pre-Facebook social network with over 200K users, driving 40M hits/month, by the time he was 20. His proprietary platform architecture, MWE, powers micro-networks for global clients supporting over 500K users. Mario is a robotics engineer turned product designer. He is a multi-prize winner on digital innovation, and led digital strategy projects for national organizations in both Canada and France. Richard Tuck, our embedded executive advisor, rounds out the leadership team: he is the former CEO of Riipen, an education startup he grew from 3 to over 30 people with contracts across North America. He is an advisor to several startups, and a professor and program designer at Red River College, focused on social entrepreneurship.

            The remainder of our advisors bring executive experience from IBM global, Columbia University, Torstar, Village Media, LoyaltyOne, and Code for America.

            If you have any questions, we would be happy to hear from you.

            Group 24 Readocracy

            We are on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet, by helping quality beat quantity.

            The internet was supposed to be an incredible force for good. An oracle of knowledge, bringing together the best our world has to offer. Instead, it is increasingly tearing at the fabric of our society, sowing division, inciting violence, fueling depression and addiction, and upending democracies, while it bankrupts quality journalism along the way.

            Our belief is that only a systemic, foundational rethinking of the web - one that finds a way to still play off existing habits - can bring about the dramatic shift that is required.

            Our approach to this is to rethink the fundamental economics of the web: how value is measured, and how it is collected online, in a way that incentivizes quality creation, quality attention, and quality participation.

            We are rethinking the attention economy.

            1) Rethinking the value system

            Today, the web is still largely driven by superficial measures rooted in basic attention and mindless behaviour: page clicks, ad impressions, and superficial “engagement” actions. The result is an inevitable race to the bottom where everything is optimized for quantity, while quality fits in where it can. This is a system that inherently rewards provocation, hysteria, and short cuts, while stifling thoughtfulness.

            Our technology challenges this value system. Through Readefined.com, and now Readocracy, it makes it possible to optimize for, and be tangibly rewarded for, quality attention over quantity attention; for quality participation, over quantity participation. For both content publishers, and audiences. Rewordly.com fits in by helping quality perspectives, and more nuanced arguments, shine through the noise.

            2) Rethinking who benefits, and how

            Today, the web is also a largely exploitative arrangement: the users themselves benefit from access to information, however their time and attention are endlessly abused. Platforms, publishers, and advertisers, have depended on a singular business model of ad-driven view-and-click attention extraction. With Readocracy, we are trying to help users more tangibly and visibly benefit from their time spent online, while also giving publishers and platforms a new, healthier, less exploitative, win-win way of profiting from the interest of their audiences.

            What is listed above is not an easy task. It is an uphill climb, requiring a tremendous amount of education and re-education, and support from those who are only just beginning to see that the current system is clearly starting to collapse.

            We have already made great progress, however, and are optimistic for what we can achieve with our ever-growing list of supporters and partners. If you would like to join them, and want to help us with our mission, we would love to hear from you.

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            I’ve been using a new platform for my learning and development called Readocracy (Readocracy.com). In a nutshell it has benefits for my learning, productivity, and even mental health. Would it be possible to have the cost covered by [company name]? It’s very reasonably priced for the benefits it provides.


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