We’re fixing the internet
by making your time online
count for something.

Get credit for anything
you read or watch online.

You are more
than your degree.

Get credit for anything
you read or watch online
and show what you know.

Whether you’ve bothered to
read what you’re commenting on,
and whether you’re civil about it,
should matter.

Readocracy makes sure it does.

Readocracy is a trust and
credibility passport
for the web.

It gives you the
internet you deserve.

The average person spends
over 3 hours online, mostly
consuming content.

Readocracy makes
it count.

Here’s how.

We built technology that can tell whether you actually paid
attention to a piece of content online. How can you tell? How can we tell? Using advanced behavioural pattern monitoring and AI-driven content analysis, it can tell how focused you are, and why. And it has already processed over 100 million page views with our beta partners.

We’re using it to power a network containing only verified
readers and earned actions, while giving you control of
your data, time, and learning.

Troll-free, bot-free, optimized for civility.

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You can’t comment on or share anything without actually having read it. Auto-sharing/auto-following/auto-commenting bots can’t access Readocracy.

All profiles are verified, and show how well-read a member is on a subject, and how well-respected their comments are by relevant readers.

Hack your credibility, prove your passion.

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Most learning today happens online - and degrees are an extremely narrow reflection of your knowledge and interests to begin with.

Readocracy lets you turn the best of your time online into a verified, shareable portfolio that proves your passion and credibility.

Organize your mind, win back your attention.

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Quit letting bots, trolls, and bloated feeds dictate your day.

Readocracy guarantees a less overwhelming, higher quality, more well-rounded information experience - all while effortlessly centralizing and sorting your reading and notes.

Own your data, and benefit from it.

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If “time is money”, why are social networks and advertisers the only ones benefiting from your data?

We’re in a knowledge economy. It’s time you benefitted from your online data, and got to customize and control it. What’s more, Readocracy helps you learn from it, with personal insights.

Join a home for well-informed humans (not bots), where your attention has value - and you’ll never look at your time online the same way ever again.

3 years in the making, beta access opening to
the first waitlist users November 2019

Help us understand why
we should give you early access.

Thanks, we’ll be in touch.

We’re on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet, and we genuinely appreciate everyone who wants to be part of making that a reality.