"Readocracy is on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet." Get credit for what you read online. Prove you are well-informed on any subject.

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Readocracy lets your employees
get verified credit for anything
they learn anywhere online.

Then it lets you recognize it,
leverage it, and showcase it.

Degrees and prescribed learning
materials are a fraction of the story.

Find out what your team really knows,
and recognize their evolving passions.

Our tools reflect our mission
of bringing integrity back
to the internet.

Join a movement for a
healthier internet and society.

Here’s how.

We built technology that can tell whether a reader actually paid attention
to a piece of content online. It has already processed over 100M page views.

How can you tell if they paid attention? How can we tell? Using advanced behavioural pattern monitoring and AI-driven content analysis, it can tell how focused you are, and why. And it has already processed over 100 million page views with our beta partners.

We’re using it to power a network containing only verified
readers and earned actions, while giving them control of
their data, time, and learning.

First, our browser extension and app let your employees start crediting their
learning time anywhere online. Which leads to…

Learning profiles for every member.

that boost every employee’s professional credibility, while helping them organize their minds.

They are shareable and embeddable. Professional credits are public, Personal credits are private unless manually shared.

An organizational profile
you’ll want to show off.

Automatically aggregate relevant
learning activity from your members into a profile that shows off your
people and their
knowledge. Use it to attract
business as well as new talent.

A Talent Dashboard with unparalleled insights.

Use your Talent Dash to search for knowledge - you probably had no idea that Jessica from accounting knows about Machine Learning - while identifying changing professional interests (before it's too late).

Cover Your L&D
Blind Spot

The majority of continuing learning happens outside of prescribed learning modules and preset resources. Readocracy allows you to finally include it.

Significantly Better

Internal learning and engagement tools have notoriously spotty retention. Readocracy’s highly visual and social personal utility guarantees better adoption.

Unparalled Team

Find out what your team really knows about, and get notified of emerging interests. All in a way that is brand safe and robustly respects employee data and privacy.

Happier, More Engaged

Readocracy helps you keep your employees happy, by recognizing their learning and changing interests, while helping them boost their personal brand.

Effortless Branding That
Boosts Your Business

Readocracy brand profiles help you showcase your people and culture in an brand safe, impressive way. It drives credibility, for business and talent.

An Admirable Cause &

By joining Readocracy, you are joining a network of organizations at the forefront of corporate social responsibility, on a subject that is top of mind for most people.

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We are on a mission to help bring integrity back to the web,
and make quality beat quantity - by making your time online matter.

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our beta group, please reach out below.

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We’re on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet, and we genuinely appreciate everyone who wants to be part of making that a reality.