"Readocracy is on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet." Get credit for what you read online. Prove you are well-informed on any subject.

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Social networks have been
eating journalism’s lunch.

It’s time to do something about it.
The first real alternative, hardwired
for trust and quality.

It’s time to take back
what’s yours.

Give your readers a deep,
in-site, quality-first social layer
that outperforms Facebook.

Whether you’ve bothered to
read what you’re commenting on,
and whether you’re civil about it,
should matter.

Readocracy makes sure it does.

You are a source of trust
for your readers,

Readocracy is a trust and
credibility passport
for the web.

Your best readers are
desperate for relief from
the noise.

Readocracy gives them
a home, inside your site.

Here’s how.

We built technology that can tell whether you actually paid
attention to a piece of content online.

How can you tell if they paid attention? How can we tell? Using advanced behavioural pattern monitoring and AI-driven content analysis, it can tell how focused you are, and why. And it has already processed over 100 million page views with our beta partners.

We’re using it to power a network containing only verified readers and earned actions, where readers actually earn rewards for, and can showcase, their reading and participation.

You can activate this network inside your site, giving you an unparalled, quality-first social layer directly on your property, and equally unique insights and privacy-leading visibility.

No more selling your community down the river. This is your chance to win them back, and benefit properly.

The Readocracy social layer includes…


Automatically add a custom profile tab to your site, keeping members engaged with diverse, interesting notifications.


Readers unlock the ability to participate only after having properly paid attention.

Once they have, they see the number of credits they are earning toward this subject while they read. Non-intrusive, and automatically sorted, yet can they can opt-out or over-ride the sorting whenever they want.


With their verified attention, readers unlock all participation options. This attention-verification filter (we call it the Troll Filter) works with all major third party commenting platforms. Our research shows that over 70% of bad actors are immediately eliminated through this filter alone.


If you’re looking to integrate something more powerful and engaging, and with near zero moderation costs, you can use Readocracy’s native, credibility-filtered commenting, and/or auto-matching group threads. These threads automatically group relevant readers - no more than 5 at a time - likely to have a good conversation about the content. You can also turn on community recommendations, replacing your faceless algorithm with recognizeable friendly faces.


Last, but certainly not least, are every member’s automatically generated community profile, reflecting how well-read they are, and how well-respected they are, on your site, and across the web. (Readers can install the Readocracy extension or download the mobile app and start earning credits for their time anywhere online.)

These profiles, and their accumulated credits, tie into automatically generated community leaderboards, and rewards you can provide or integrate with relevant quality brand partners.


Most importantly, all of your
community’s data is sorted and
presented in your included
Readefined.com insights dashboard,
which itself can be integrated via API
to your existing data solution.

Interested yet?

We are on a mission to help bring integrity back to the web, and make quality beat quantity - by making it easier, and more lucrative.

If you’d like to join the award-winning publishers part of our beta group, please reach out below.

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We’re on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet, and we genuinely appreciate everyone who wants to be part of making that a reality.