"Readocracy is on a mission to bring integrity back to the internet." Get credit for what you read online. Prove you are well-informed on any subject.

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#FixTheInternet leader

The only platform that
rewards students for
doing their reading.

Create lifelong learning habits, foster media literacy,
facilitate better discussions, and improve mental health.

First-of-its-kind, privacy-first technology recognized by industry leaders

Group 6

Our patent-pending technology has already verified over
100 million page views. It can tell if somebody really paid
attention to an article, PDF, or Youtube video, triggering
rewards (including microcredentials) and unlocking
participation features. It’s privacy-first, most recently
recognized by Mozilla’s Fix The Internet OpenLab.

Readocracy gives you 4 powerful
new capabilities:


Make your reading lists
count for something

Readocracy lets you easily turn your reading
lists into beautiful collections that grants
credits, discussion access, and rewards.

screenshot of collections feature

Or effortlessly create microcredentials

Alone, with colleagues, or with industry. Verifiable certificates included.


Discussions you can
only access by reading

... or watching required video. That’s right: you
get to set requirements to access a discussion,
and Readocracy checks them automatically.

screenshot of groups feature

Including smart annotation features

Features optimized for meaningful comments, that are hard to game.


Foster lifelong learning
and career success

Every student’s knowledge profile becomes an
unfair advantage entering the workforce, and
rewards the habit of continuing learning.

screenshot of profile feature

Integrate their self-directed learning

An easy new way to incorporate their authentic passions.


Information Wellness: improve media literacy and mental health

Your students are consuming around 7 hours of content daily. Readocracy gives them insights like a Fitbit for their information diets. Including flagging misinformations sources, highlighting bias, and showing how their consumption might be affecting their moods.

screenshot of insights feature

All through the most privacy-forward UX and

Data Policy you’ve probably ever encountered.

For every user:


You can literally see
when Readocracy is
active / tracking


You decide what is
public, otherwise it
defaults to private


You can make your
own exclusion list,
and easily delete


We remind you
what was saved, and
how, every week

Readocracy improves learning
outcomes, while raising your profile
as an educator. Let us show you how.

Why we’re doing all this

We are obsessed with rethinking the
attention economy, for a better future

We’re in the middle of an infobesity epidemic, and this is the biggest reason why


Readocracy: a new way of governing the internet and rethinking influence


The Readocracy Manifesto


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